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Smart Florida New Economy 

Welcome To Florida’s Web3 Decentralized Autonomous Organization 


Florida deserves a better system. This design is intended to optimize life for We The People of Florida. The Smart Florida Ecosystem & Meteverce was designed by a lifelong Florida Army National Guardsmen Logisitian who served 8 Florida hurricane disaster relief efforts and was developed by Class 1 Cadets of the Clearwater Cyberforce Citadel.

Community Solutions

  1. Advance our blockchain network of Floridians & Communities Working Together for a Sustainable Future.
  2. Build a platform that advocates practical knowledge, understanding, and revenue automation for all ages and all abilities. 
  3. Commercialize a real world application of blockchain focused on a consumer rewards program for tasks or edu-tainment. I.e. exploring, educating, or laboring.
  4. Utility ID. Publically issued crypto wallet for access & best defense security. 

10th Amendment 

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

“‘… or to the people.’ That means We The People get to choose the type of Government we live with. Bitcoin mothered Web3 which offers the keys to sovereignty.  The Smart Florida economy shall bring more commerce to Florida than Flaggler or Disney ever dreamed; our focus is on the wellness & advancement of Floridians.“ Benjamin Horbowy

We Created the Smart Florida Coin $FLA

  • SmartFlorida.ID
  • SmartFLA.CO
  • NaturalFLA.CO
  • EducateFLA.CO