Florida Elected Representatives & Political Candidates

SmartFlorida.org is unpartisan.

This is to help Florida know about who is running and who is in office in regards to Web3.

Starting 2022, we ask the same Web3 questions to all candidates running throughout the state.

Starting in 2023, we will share how representatives vote on Web3 issues.

Soon, Florida Elected Officials Can Vote For Yielding & Inflation Rates of the Smart Florida Coin. The Future is Web3; the future is now.

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Click Image For Web3 Questionnaire.
You will receive a Smart Florida Landing Page with your answers that you can share. You will also be listed in our registry soon to publish.
2023, we will start tracking how officials vote in regards to Web3.
To run for office, you need to be 18 at least and live in your district. If you have considering running for office and would like to the Web3 community to help you, let us know. We can help you get started.