🐝 Bee Friends With Flaco

🌎 We invite revolutionary thinkers from around the world. Flaco is recruiting stakers to help fortify Florida’s Agriculture & Education; join our discord for early access. Class 1 of the Clearwater Crypto Cyberforce Citadel is working on epic things, don’t miss yiur opportunity to help save the plant.

Hola Flaquitos!

We can do a lot of good things that can secure our family culture for 1000s of years if we work together to launch this correctly. We have the brightest minds from around the world working on solving great problems. There’s plenty of room for you to join our ledger. Baby Bigfoot is 7 and that’s why Flaco asks for 7 $XTZ to collect his NFT that unlocks access into his discord chat for the Smart Florida Coin updates.