Save Florida Bees

If the bees die, we die. Bee Healthy!

Local honey is the best honey | Raw uncut is the most healthy 

To provide a healthy local ecology, provides bee health seminars with strategic placements of Queen Bees. This is a fragile and environmental science that benefits the public, earth, and plants. These educational and entertaining seminars can be sponsored so the locals in your area can receive the knowledge on how to optimize gardens with bees.


Sponsor a Bee Keeper Seminar in a Local Florida Community Venue

We will come to you, teach your community about bee health and how to optimize their garden with bees. Local Honey is the Best Honey. (Travel fees may apply for outside the greater Tallahassee area)


Adopt a Hive | Get First Batch of its Honey

This provides funds for the bee keepers to grow their communities. We will send you the free honey as soon as it’s ready; you’ll be on the reserved list of 1st come first served.


Adopt & Name a Bee

These bees are Italian Honey Bees, so the CEO named the first bee in this program Benito. Just like NASA let's you name a star and other organizations allow you to sponsor foreign kids, we launched a similar program for bees. For $100, you can gift someone a bee. We will take a photo of your bee and post it on instagram and tag you in it.