A Non-profit Community Think-Tank (Start-up Preregistration)

Florida is the fastest growing population in the United States. VISIT FLORIDA does a good job in generating global travel to our great state. We need smart communities to develop that fit in the merging cultures of compassion, natural learning, and planting seeds of innovation.

We wish to provide an interactive platform that allows visitors/residents resources and fun methods of education through entertainment, real life experiences, and an app that tracks, rewards, and provides simple solutions to grow smart communities.

As community grows, we are an active listening tool from community as we reward members with Smart Florida Coins and points as they compete: smart suggestions, honest surveys, complete civic duties, or fill out polls. Members to do app lead learn-as-you-play tours in public parks, social lounges, media boutiques, or centers of innovation benefit from real world learning through experiences. We add a game-like feel to

Mission: Be the best Florida resource to grow smart communities.

Motto: Listen with an open-heart, contribute with compassion.

Vision: We provide natural methods of learning/growing, streamline listening/communications tools, and simplify community growth and education. 

Community. Grows. Commerce.



Together, we recover in support with compassion and companionship. We offer variates of safe havens to socialize with fellow compassionate patients or innovative mindsets in positive entrepreneurial atmospheres. We provide educational seminars, entertaining socializing, and group support.

  • Variates of Social Lounges
  • THC Medical Patient Speakeasy.
  • CDB Tea & Honey Houses.
  • Centers of Innovation Media Studios.
  • Host of Community Seminars at public libraries community centers, or parks .


As a community, there are ways we can streamline how we live that is healthy and a more natural way of doing things with our environment or easier ways to more with how our brain works. Real world experiences can be lead through our app with rewards of Florida Smart Coins or points. We advocate for good healthy things for Florida.

  • Florida Bee Health Awareness: Local honey is the best honey.
  • Neighborhood gardens with optimized plants and bee growth.
  • Better ways to capture water for local gardens and ecosystems.
  • Natural ways of learning art, musics, sciences with online educational games.


We grow by learning and educating each other. Community grows commerce is more than our slogan, it’s fact. Our Smart Florida Community educates each other with an interactive listening tool that provides the tools for creativity and innovation. Have a good idea that’s great for Florida, we’d love to hear it Submit Your Solution SmartFlorida.org/SubmitSolutions/

  • Executive Leadership / Entrepreneurial Interactive Courses
  • Media Boutiques providing communities w/ media studios for local podcasts/videos.
  • Feature partners within our Smart Florida app in resource directories.
  • Collect donations for special campaigns, provide knowledge and data, and premium services within the app. We want every Florida resident to use our app.


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