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What is Smart Florida? We Are Community Advocates is based in Capitola, Tallahassee Florida. This is a community start-up launching in Q1/2019 lead by “Benito” Benjamin Alexander of Our goal is promote good things that are healthy and smart for Florida… that’s all. We listen to the community of Florida with an open heart and contribute with compassion when called. Benito […]

How National Media Is Affecting Our Local Florida Governor’s Race

FLORIDA | Race for the Florida Governor Seat
Just before the 4th of July holiday week, politicans are working overtime. Grandpa said that the three ring circus comes to town with the political campaigns every two years with the full dog and pony show. However, this year… we only got a two ring circus. Even though there’s eight candidates with a solid 3rd place candidate who has the competence to hold the office, the media is censoring our votes and selecting only two candidates to feature in debates.